Ancient Pigments of the Past

Most ancient pigments were toxic, fugitive or both. Using only the finest quality pigments, Stephen from Bondi Road Art Supplies has replicated 42 ancient pigments, most of which no longer exist. All pigments have been extensively researched for colour accuracy and every process is done by hand.

Stephen has blended small amounts of mica into 9 pigments in order to replicate their original crystalline beauty.

Even though there are no cadmium or lead based pigments used, care should be taken not to inhale or ingest the pigment powder. Mix thoroughly into any binding medium to experience exciting colour that will connect you to your ancestors and yourself.

Scroll through our pigment colour catalogue below.

50ml – $15.95
200ml – $42.95
400ml – $69.95

For any orders or enquiries, email – – please include your phone number in your message.

Mica Pigments

The above pigments are glimmery and slightly deeper in tone than shown, but will show a range of finishes depending on the exact usage and angle viewed.
Identical pigment chart taken at different angles / light.

50ml – $12.95
200ml – $39.95
400ml – $59.95

For any orders or enquiries, email – – please include your phone number in your message.

Art Supplies

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Though we are no longer at our physical storefront, Bondi Road Art Supplies is still here with a lot of art supply goodness for you.

Bondi Road Art Supplies has a full range of canvases, pigments, stretcher bars, brushes, paints, paper, easels, balsa, clay, pastels, pencils, ink, pens, mediums, graphite, plaster, charcoal, metal, guilding, plastic, wax, glitter, adhesive, palettes, erasers, portfolios, printmaking, technical, blades, panels, books and crafts.

If you’d like to support a long time, locally owned family business, we’d love to hear from you.

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You can also give us a call on 02 9387 3746 and if we can’t immediately answer, we’ll call you back as quick as we can!

We are also proud to support Isaro – Belgium handcrafted, artist quality, watercolour paints. Available exclusively in Australia online.

Stephen and Susan